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CPCC Library Information Tutorial

Library Quiz

Class:  (ex. COM 231-18)
1.What is the call number for the book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams?
a. PR 6051 D3352 H5 1995
b. PS 7013 E43
c. 800.16 1992
d. PS 6051 L7897 1991
e. PR 83 C764

2. If you are looking for an article for your research, where's the best place to find it?
a. The CPCC Library Catalog
b. Databases
c. Skimming the print periodicals and picking an article that looks right
d. The Internet, by using a search engine like Google
e. Any of the above

3. You can find e-books in netLibrary:
a. by doing a search in the Library Catalog
b. after logging in with your personal netLibrary username and password
c. by going directly to netLibrary's website
d. both A and B
e. all of the above

4. Which search strategy is most likely to find the most relevant journal articles from library databases on the topic: How does the Electoral College work in presidential elections?
a. "how does the electoral college work in presidential elections"
b. electoral college OR presidential elections
c. electoral college AND presidential elections
d. electoral OR college OR presidential OR elections
e. electoral college NOT presidential elections

5. If you are close to Levine campus, and find a circulating book in the Library Catalog at Central Campus, you will:
a. Request the book to be sent to Levine, and it will arrive in 1-3 business days
b. Use Interlibrary Loan
c. Drive to Central Campus to pick it up
d. Either B or C
e. None of the above
6. You are trying to find general information about Harvard University. What domain is most likely to give you that information?
a. .com
b. .net
c. .gov
d. .edu
e. .org

7. Which of the following is NOT an example of plagiarism?
a. Not citing sources using MLA or APA citations
b. Buying a paper from a website and turning it in as your own work
c. Directly quoting another author's work and giving them credit for it
d. Submitting a paper for a class written by you that was originally written for another class
e. Taking another author's words and rearranging them

8. What subjects are most likely found in the B section of the library?
a. Fine Arts
b. Psychology
c. Technology
d. History
e. Medicine

9. Which of the following are characteristics of a scholarly article?
a. article written by a scholar or researcher in the field
b. article undergoes a peer-review process through an editorial board
c. article rarely provides bibliography of cited research
d. both A and B
e. both B and C

10. If you have a question about your research and want to contact a reference librarian, what can you do?
a. Telephone one of the libraries' reference desks
b. E-mail using "Ask a Librarian"
c. Stop by one of the libraries' reference or information desks
d. Use NCknows 24/7 chat session
e. All of the above.

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